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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Angel Workshop WebSite. Please browse through my pages and check out the events and places I will be. You can receive private readings over the phone or in person. I am available to do private parties at your home as well. I’m here to help you with your every day needs, so feel free to contact me any time.


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We believe in making lives better one reading at a time.

In Person Readings

You are welcome to have an “in person” phone reading as well. Leave me your name and phone number and we can set up a time to meet at my home.

Private Parties

If you would like to book a party, please contact me at 954-586-0425 and I will fax/email you a copy of the contract. All parties are one hour minimum and charges by the 1/4 hour.

“Making lives a little easier to manage”

About Veronica

Hi, My name is Veronica Bedford, and I've always been able to see and feel things before they happened.

As a student in High School, I would connect people together when I saw their energies blending. At the time, I thought everyone was able to do this, because it came so naturally to me. In 1990, I decided to study the art of Tarot Card reading. This opened up a whole new world for me, giving me better details as to what I was seeing and feeling. As I started sharing my talents more and more, I felt it was time for me to incorporate. In May of 1999 Angel Workshop was born!

My goal is to help as many people as I can with everyday issues, hopefully, making their lives a little easier to manage. We, along with our Master Guides, wrote the “book” of our life. We all have free will to make decisions on how we are going to learn our lessons. Each time a lesson is learned, we go on to the next chapter experiencing all new challenges, joys, and sorrows. I believe we can handle anything that comes our way, with the help of God and the protection of all His Angels. I would love to share my gifts with you!

Veronica Bedford

Veronica Bedford

Veronica Bedford

Veronica Bedford


“Helping as many people as I can with everyday issues”

Happy Customers

Hundred's of extremely satisfied customers!


Always there when you need her!

Veronica has such a soothing voice and way about her and has ALWAYS been able to accurately predict what WAS happening and ABOUT to happen. I reccommend her to everyone and anyone. Simply the Best!! 

JulieAngel Workshop Customer

Veronica is amazing!

15th March 2014

I had a reading with Veronica yesterday. Without me saying a word she knew what was happening in my life and reassured me it was exactly what I should be diong. Then continued with what will be happening in the next year. Exactly what I wanted t know. She is amazing! I will definitely recommend her to everyone!  

BrigidAngel Workshop Customer

Chief Operating Officer

20th March 2014

Those are truly uplifting and amazing events! 

DennisAngel Workshop Customer


25th March 2014

Veronica’s insight has helped me out many times during the past 6 years. I would recommend her to all my friends!  Thanks for all your help. 

DebraAngel Workshop Customer

Veronica is SPOT ON!

25th March 2014

My sister “found” Veronica and told me all about her, last year…well, to satisfy my curiosity, I called her myself and that was a few readings ago. Veronica is incredibly accurate and so soothing and calming all at the same time. She always leaves you feeling better about a situation and giving you hope…you DEFINITELY NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! 

JulieAngel Workshop Customer

Old Soul

25th March 2014

I’ve been for many readings in my life and the one, most important, difference I found with Veronica is she doesn’t ask a lot of questions before she reads. You sit down or call on the phone and she tells you exactly what you need to  hear. She touches on things you may not even remember, but that has an influence on what is going on now. Truly a Gift.

JCAngel Workshop Customer

Police Officer

25th March 2014

I had a reading done from Veronica long distance over the phone a few years back. I, (as most might be,) was sceptical about the world of psychics. Not knowing anything about my past, she had stated that my dad was watching over me that particular day. Well, I almost dropped the phone and broke out into tears because it was very same day (April 24th, of 1981,) that my dad had passed from cancer. From then on I was a believer and have called Veronica several times since. She truly has helped me many times. 

BobAngel Workshop Customer

Contact Me, Veronica

For Inquiries on personal readings and rates, please share your information. I will make your appointment within 48 hours. You may also call the number below and leave me a message.